About us

The Molinatto hostel and residence are part of a villa built in the seventeenth century by the noble family of Duke Cella.
They are located on a hill in a particular beautiful place, quiet and green, with a panoramic view of the Oggiono-Annone lake, near Lecco.
The central nucleus was renovated in the early 1900s and managed by a congregation of Dominicans nuns as an orphanage after the two world wars, later as boarding school and then as a school.
In 2007 the second floor of the building, where the nuns once lived, was renovated again and this time as a residence: the Residenza Molinatto and in 2012 the Molinatto hostel was inaugurated.
Our hospitality adventure started: supported by experts and animated by good will, we began welcoming students looking for cheap accommodation, workers, relatives visiting families and friends, sports groups and football teams and last but not least tourists enjoing their holydays along lakes and mountains.

In Molinatto you can breathe a friendly and familiar atmosphere.   Our guests say they are feeling at home, they have the privacy of a hotel but at the same time, they can spend evenings in the common rooms chatting or watching TV together, playing cards or sharing a beer, a cup of tea or coffee.

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